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Perfectly Parker!
Perfectly Parker!

My husband and I found out that we were expecting Parker, our first child, around December of 2009. We were a little shocked at first, but joked that since we were relatively young (25 and 27), our first child would be moving out of the house and starting a career and we’d still be young enough to do as we please. During the office visit when we found out that Parker was indeed a boy, we also did a blood test to test for risk of Spina Bifida, neural tube defects and Down syndrome. We didn’t think anything would come of the blood work, but simply had it done because my husband’s mother had given birth to a son with Spina Bifida that passed away at birth about two years before my husband was born. About eight days later, we received the results of the test. High risk of Down syndrome. Our world was rocked, but we still hung to the fact that so many of these tests are indeed wrong. The next day we saw a specialist and he completed a level two ultrasound, which revealed that Parker had calcium deposits on his heart and a shortened femur length for one leg. Both markers for Down syndrome. The doctor recommended an amniocentesis and I reluctantly agreed. We got our results 10 days later and our fears were confirmed. Parker was then born on July 21, 2010, with Down syndrome. Now looking back, as he’s two years old, we both feel ashamed for the sadness we felt when we learned of his diagnosis. Parker is perfect. He’s the light of our lives and families. He’s all boy and teaches us new things all the time. We wouldn’t trade him for the world! He’s truly a blessing and gift from God.

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