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Our Sweet Heart Bradley
Our Sweet Heart Bradley

When I found out i was pregnant, we were so excited, it was absolutly the best news ever. Throughout my pregnacy everthing was going great, I had a couple tests done, but everything came back normal. On December 4th, 2008 I gave birth to our beautiful little boy Bradley Douglass Kelley, we were told that he was a very healthy little boy. A few months went by and his doctor told my husband and I that he was wanting to do a few tests, because he said his eyes and ears were small and thought that he may have Down syndrome, so that's how it was all brought out to us, I had no idea what Down syndrome was, and didnt even know anyone that had it. I was terrified, all I did for weeks was just cry waiting for those test results to come back. Results came back and we're told our son does have Trisomy 21. I just broke down, had no idea what this all meant. I just knew that a needed to try and be strong for my Bradley, and no matter what that's my baby and I love him and I'll do anything and everything that I need to do for him. So later on down the road we found out that he had a heart murmur, we followed up with a cardiologist, he discovered that he had a penny size hole in his heart, and needed to have it repaired asap. His blood wasnt circulating the way is was suppose to, he didn't ever want to play much, and his color was slightly blue. So when he was 7 months old he had open heart surgery to repair the hole, when he was in surgery they also found another problem, a vein that went to his heart was also clogged so they had to go in and fix that also. Staying positve in the waiting room, surgery took about 4 hours, he recovered so fast, Bradley was out of there in less than a week, he started gaining weight, getting more active and his color was normal, he was doing great. Now our Bradley is almost 3 years old now and he is very outgoing, he's always smiling and dancing, he is such a joy to have in our life, he has taught our family that we can over come anything that is brought our way, big or small. My son is my hero, and I love him so much.

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Brenda Lopez, United States, NM
10/1/2013 7:44:42 AM
This is such an amazing story! Bradley is not only a great and loving little boy, he's my great nephew! I love Bradley so much! He's the cutiest and loving little boy I have ever been around. When I last visited him, he ran to me and sat on my lap and just wanted me to hold him and he started kissing my cheeks and then puts his head on my shoulders and pretends to fall asleep! Cutiest thing ever! Then pops up his head and starts laughing and dancing! He makes my day when I see him. Love him dearly!!

Stephanie Johnson, United States, AZ
5/11/2011 11:25:56 AM
I can't imagine how getting that news must have felt for you guys!! I'm glad he's doing much better and he is such an adorable little boy!!

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