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Our Summer Girl
Our Summer Girl

On June 18, 2010, we started our summer by welcoming our twins Jack & Avery into the world. We soon learned our beautiful daughter had Down syndrome. Our first summer as parents was filled with mixed emotions. We were beyond thrilled to be new parents, but we also had moments of fear about what Down syndrome would mean for our daughter and our family. Looking back we wish we had been given a crystal ball when we received her diagnosis...

Fast forward two years to August 14, 2012 - we are just ending an incredible summer with our two-year-old twins! We see first-hand every day that the “little something extra” really does mean “more alike than different!” Our sweet Avery spent her summer celebrating her birthday and friends’ birthdays, going to Dutch Wonderland for the first time, playing at the park, eating popsicles and ice cream, swimming, playing in the backyard, staying up later than usual, going to picnics, celebrating the 4th of July, visiting the library, playing with friends, reading books, watching movies, and spending time with family. The highlight of Avery’s summer would be our annual beach vacation to Cape Hatteras, NC. She has been going every year since she was three months old. However, this year she was actually walking on the beach! She loved playing in the surf, swimming in the ocean with Mommy and Daddy, digging in the sand with Jack, feeding the seagulls and looking for seashells. She also got to spend time with her Great Grandma and Great Aunt who happen to live there! It has been an amazing journey to watch our daughter grow into a beautiful little two year old toddler who is full of life! We cherish the time we spend as a family and appreciate the memories we are creating for our children. 

We are sad to see summertime coming to an end, but look forward to fall filled with fun things like pumpkins, Halloween, our Buddy Walk. Go Team Routzahn! Of course as all parents do we still have moments of “fear” regarding both of our children, because you always want your children to be healthy and happy. However, we have learned so much information and met so many wonderful and amazing people within the Down syndrome community, and we no longer fear “Down syndrome.” We know that it means the little girl who came into our family two summers ago has a very, very bright future ahead of her! “Everything is Possible!”

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Samanth Mehl, United States, MD
2012-08-21 07:50
We love beautiful Avery!!!

Tammy Brooks, United States, WV
2012-08-20 21:20
I enjoyed reading Avery's story!! She is a beautiful little angel!!!

allison swisher, United States, VA
2012-08-20 08:52

Jane & Lou Zupnik, United States, PA
2012-08-19 19:41
This little one is so lucky - what with parents and grandparents who love her to death! Anyone that meets Avery can't get over how much she has grown - full of life and love. Loved her story. She's a miracle!

Theresa Rinehart, United States, VA
2012-08-18 08:16

Roxanna Horton, United States, VA
2012-08-17 21:08
Beautiful story! You are inspirational and I can't wait to hear more adventures in the years ahead!

Patti Holmes, United States, MD
2012-08-17 19:48
I love reading your posts, Katie, and keeping up with your life with the twins. Avery is precious as can be and your whole family is inspiring to watch!

stephanie moore, United States, MD
2012-08-17 15:53
What a wonderful video!! I told you that Avery was blessed to have you and Evan as parents!! You both are such an inspiration!! I admire both of you!! She is such a COOl little girl. I can't wait to watch her grow up!!

Janelle Wilson, United States, MD
2012-08-17 15:22

Sonya Hewitt, United States, MD
2012-08-17 14:34
Beautiful little girl, with a amazing family. The skys the limit.

Susan Harding, United States, MD
2012-08-17 13:26
Our girl inspires me everyday! Love you Avery! Mimi

Maggie Hyman, United States, VA
2012-08-17 13:19
Such an inspiring video. So touching. Beautiful children. Wonderful parents. I am watching it again....

Tracy, United States, VA
2012-08-17 13:04
<3 She is very sweet!!!

Joel Woodson, United States, VA
2012-08-17 12:54
great story! hope you guys are doing well and looking forward to meeting Jack and Avery sometime soon!

Lisa Pacific, United States, MD
2012-08-17 12:22
This is a great story! I am so glad to hear how wonderful she is doing - she is so adorable!!

tony strickland, United States, MD
2012-08-17 12:12
always love to hear how Avery is making such great strides and I know she has a great support system at home and with friends and family

Bill Harding, United States, MD
2012-08-17 11:37
That is my girl!

Kimberly Wines, United States, MD
2012-08-17 11:31
How beautiful! Words can't describe my emotions......

Mary Savannah, United States, MD
2012-08-17 11:28
Very cute story and what a sweetheart.

Jenn Tucker, United States, MD
2012-08-17 11:23
Go Avery:)

Michelle LaFollette, United States, WV
2012-08-17 11:18
Avery and Jack have brought joy to many lives!!

Rosemary Debes, United States, MD
2012-08-17 11:08
God picked the very best family for Avery and Jack. These two little cuties couldn't be loved more! We always enjoy reading about the many activities they do Every day!

Antonette, United States, MD
8/23/2012 8:58:40 PM
Now that we are neighbors, I hope to get to know you and your family better and look forward to getting to know the wonderful little lady that is Avery :)

Stacey Hamby-Kemp, United States, IL
8/23/2012 10:31:01 PM
I enjoyed Avery's story so much!! She is adorable!!

Dorota Purzycka, Poland,
7/15/2013 12:02:06 PM
:D with best wishes

Susan Harding, United States, MD
7/15/2013 7:13:13 PM
The Routzahn Family is an amazing family! I watch in awe as they have navigate as a family of four through this journey. They definitely live by the words "more alike than different" with Avery. This family unit is a role model and inspiration for all families.

Kimberly Sue Maynard, United States, MD
7/15/2013 7:19:03 PM
Love this little girl!!!

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