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Our Precious Molly
Molly's Birth Announcement
Molly's Birth Announcement
Our Precious Molly

It wasn't until June 23rd, 2010 that we really learned about Down syndrome. It was the day after our Molly was born. The morning after Molly arrived; her doctor came to us and let us know there were some red flags that she may have Down syndrome. The doctor suggested that the only way to know for sure would be to have some genetic tests done and that it would take up to two weeks to get the results. In the meantime, we secured appointments with a pediatric cardiologist and a pediatric genetics clinic. Many children with Down syndrome have heart defects, however the EKG and other tests showed no abnormalities with Molly's heart. Two weeks after she was born, we received confirmation that she did in fact have Down syndrome. This came as a complete shock to us, as there is no family history and my prenatal tests showed that there was a very low risk of any problems. A healthy 31 year old mother has a 1 in 900 chance of having a child with Down Syndrome... I was chosen as "the one". Molly has had many doctor's appointments the past six months and she is already showing signs that she is a tough girl. Many babies with Down syndrome have a tough time eating and sleeping, but not our Molly. In fact, she eats and sleeps a little too well. They've stressed to us that we raise her as a normal child, just as we have raised her older sister Maggie. We've buried ourselves in research trying to learn everything that we can to ensure that Molly is getting everything she needs. I've contacted the local chapter of the Down Syndrome Association and a local children's clinic. They have been great resources for us in just this short time. As a family, we are learning new things about Down syndrome every day. One of the most important things we have learned is that people diagnosed with Down syndrome go on to lead extremely rewarding lives. We are determined that Molly will too. Please know that we are okay and the worst thing you can do is tell us that you are sorry. We are not sorry. We've been dealt our hand and while it is tough to grasp at times, we are okay. Things may be a bit of a challenge than we expected, but we are ready to raise our girls in the best environment possible and with every resource available to us. While everyone deals with news of this manner differently, know that I've found it VERY helpful to talk about it. We may cry a little, but please don't shy away from contacting me. I'd like to encourage you to research on your own. I also encourage you to check out ( This helped us in learning how to share the news and to prepare Molly's birth announcement. Here is her birth announcement! We are very proud of it (and Molly!) Isn't she a cutie?!

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