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My little brother has been blessed with Down syndrome! He is the sweetest little boy I know! He has the biggest heart, even when he doesn't know what is going on. My freshman year at college, I was in a speech class. I hate giving speeches because they make me nervous. Our last speech had to be a persuasive speech and we had to do it with slides that only had pictures. A lot of people in my class did causes and I decided I would do mine about something that had happened to me and my little brother. The title of my speech was They are Just Like You! My little brother and I were in Walmart when a group of boys walked past the aisle and laughed at Orlin because he looked different. The worst part was that Orlin thought they were playing so he laughed back and said hi to them. By the end of my speech my professor was in tears and gave me a 100 on my final speech! Just because he looks different does not make him any less than you, if anything it makes him better than you because he does not judge you. He looks at us all the same - why can't we?

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Dee Siders, United States, OH
2/15/2013 6:24:05 PM
I loved the story and can totally relate to it, as I had a wonderful little brother that went thru a similar thing. God bless Orlin and everyone who loves him..

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