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My son, my hero
Our miracle, Troy!
Our miracle, Troy!
My son, my hero

My son, Troy, is one of my heroes. Troy is 2 1/2 years old, he has Trisomy 21 & was born with a complete AV canal defect. He went into CHF when he was 2 weeks old. Troy had his heart defect repaired just one day before he turned 5 months old. He was a brave little boy & came through the surgery with flying colors. Then, just a few days shy of turning 7 months old, he began acting ill. We took him to the ER at CHOA. He crashed around 6 a.m. & had to be put on life support. We were told that he had a severe tear in his mitral valve & would need emergency OHS to repair the tear, but he had to be stabilized first. He wasn't oxygenating well on the ventilator, so they put him on an oscillator... he was finally stable enough for surgery, so he was scheduled for 7 a.m. the following day. After the surgery, we were advised that both his tricuspid & mitral valves were completely rottened from infective endocarditis. The doctor was not hopeful that Troy would survive. Boy was he wrong! He came home 9 days later with a PICC line for 6 additional weeks in order to receive 2 seperate antibiotics to clear the infection. He was doing well until December of last year. He went into heart failure due to the stenosis in his tricuspid valve...he has too much scar tissue from the surgeries. He had tricuspid valvuloplasty at 23 months old. The doctors think he'll need to have his tricuspid valve replaced, but we're trying to hold off as long as we can. After he's endured all of this, he's still the most wonderful little boy in the world. He's always smiling & blowing kisses to everyone. He's doing remarkably well. He began walking at 25 months, he's talking (can say over 50 words), he can point to all of his body parts & he can tell you what sound almost every animal makes. He's learning his ABC's, colors, shapes & loves to sing. He has blessed our family beyond measure & I wouldn't change one thing about my tough, intelligent little boy. He spreads love & cheer eveywhere he goes...his smile & laugh are so infectious!

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Victoria Camburako, United States, GA
8/6/2011 5:24:41 AM
Good lucky Troy!!!!!

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