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My Sweet Ruby
My Sweet Ruby

Our journey all started with the death of our sweet baby girl Raiven. I was at work and my husband frantically called me. “She's dead. She’s not breathing.” It was the worst moment of our lives. We were completely heartbroken. We needed a change, we needed a baby to help us move on. Six months later we found out I was pregnant. We were happy, but very scared this could happen again. My whole pregnancy was easier than any of my others, except when I tore my placenta. We thought we were going to lose this baby too. With bed rest and a lot of love from my husband I healed. I was so excited for the day to see my new baby, we didn’t even know the sex. The doctor told me the baby was going to be small, maybe even a little person. We were so worried but knew we would love it no matter what. Finally the day came to induce me - I was so happy. Then the baby finally came. “It's a girl!” my husband told me. I started crying tears of happiness. Until the doctor sat by my bed a few minutes later and told me “she is showing signs of chromosomal abnormalities.” “What does that mean?” I said. He told me she might have Down syndrome. I immediately started crying, how could this happen? Haven't we been through enough already? I cried the whole time I was in the hospital. My husband held her the whole hospital stay. I decided I needed to bond with her so I held her at night and I came to realize just how lucky I was. She is perfect, no heart, hearing or vision problems. I realized that she needed me, to teach her and be there for her no matter what - my tiny sweet Ruby, so beautiful. She is the center of attention everywhere. She is by far the happiest baby we've had. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. I wouldn't change her for anything. She is smart, funny, sweet and cuddly. I'm so blessed to have her here with me. She has taught me so much - a new way of thinking and I'm very thankful to be her mom.

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