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My Sweet Life
Washing Gramma's car
Washing Gramma's car
My Sweet Life

My Great Story, by Kaleb Costello with help from my Gigi. My name is Kaleb. I'm 3 1/2 years old and my life is pretty sweet! I am probably one of the happiest kids around. The only time you'll see me sad is when I am sick or hurt. My Gigi says when I smile, the whole world lights up. I spend weekdays with Grandma Mary. We go to the library, shopping and play outside. I help wash the car with Grandma Mary and I help Grandpa mow the lawn. 
I don't have brothers, sisters or even cousins who live near me but Mom sets up play dates for me. I'm still learning how that works. I mostly just do my own thing. Every morning Mom gives me medicine to keep my lungs healthy. When she covers my face with the inhaler I count to ten. Once a week, I see Julie. Julie helps me say words. She gave me a whistle to blow and a special straw to drink with. I can say many words but I still sign because my Mom taught me when I was a baby. 
After we see Julie, I go to the Black Bear Restaurant for breakfast with Grandma. They have this wooden bear out front - it makes me laugh. Two mornings a week I go to preschool. There are seven kids in my class. My teacher told my mom I finally stopped rearranging the furniture in class. Sometimes it's hard to sit and listen. Honestly, I like to be the leader. And I like to dance. Every time there is music, I jump up to dance. Next year I will get to ride the bus to school - cool. I really like it when mom goes to Starbucks. People know me there. They give me a pumpkin scone. Yum. They also know me at the QFC store. I help the guys who work there by putting the grocery bags away. I really am a very busy kind of kid. 
My mom always cuddles me when I am sick and she works with me to learn and grow strong. I love my Mom so much. I really love my whole family and am super happy when everyone is together. My favorite thing to do is play ball. All kinds of ball. When I go to Gigi and Papa's house we always play ball. On sunny days I help my Gigi plant flowers. And then we play more ball. She say's the sun and moon set by playing ball. It's true. At home Daddy reads and plays ball with me. I am learning t-ball and can catch a football, basketball, soccer ball and baseball. When I grow up I know I will always play ball. 
When I was little, I went to the hospital a lot. My Mom and Dad were sad. But doctors worked on my heart and other things. They called me 'the eleventh hour baby' because I always pulled through close to the end. But today, I am bigger and my life is pretty sweet!

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Sharon Reynolds, United States, NC
07/06/2012 17:37:11
Great your! Good job helping your GiGi with the carwash.

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