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My Sweet Emily
Emily and her Sister Julia
Emily and her Sister Julia
My Sweet Emily

Hi my name is Callie and I would like to tell you about the day my life changed forever.  The morning after the birth of my second daughter Emily the doctor came into the room, with a solemn look I might add, and told my husband and I that Emily was diagnosed with Down syndrome.  After the initial shock I was said "Ok, what do I need to do for my daughter?"  He told us about early intervention and how important that was for her development.   At about 2 months of age, Emily started physical therapy; I couldn't believe that services started that young. In time we had therapies in the home every day, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and play time therapy.  It was a little overwhelming at times, but I knew that this would help Emily in the long run. Emily started preschool at two and now she is six year old and is attending Kindergarten in a special needs classroom. She loves going to school and riding the bus.  She has several buddies that hang out with her class during the day. She is learning how to read & write.  Emily is very active and loves to sing and dance.  She loves to play soccer with her older sister, Julia.
At times it can be frustrating when Emily is being extremely stubborn or she decides to make a run for it.  Sometimes it can be extremely stressful in knowing that she might never do the typical things a kid would do; getting her driver's license or even working in a "regular" work setting & even for her future in regards to having her own children.  Someone once asked me if I could turn back time and change Emily's diagnosis, would I and my answer is no.  It made my heart melt & brought me to tears the first time I heard her say "I love you Mommy."  Every day is a new challenge or milestone and I wouldn't change that for the world. 

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