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My Sweet Angel
My Sweet Angel

Hi my name is Rachel, and I have an 8 year old little girl with Down syndrome. She has a twin brother who does not. Emma has had a really tough life, but she is one of the strongest little girls I know. When she was 7 months old she had open heart surgery, and last year she had a hernia repair. Emma attends a public school were she is a special ed class. She is doing really well. Last year she received a child of the month pin, for helping her peers learn in class. Emma is truly a very special girl. She lights up the room when she enters. She has the most amazing sense of humor. She is the most loving child you will ever meet. I am so very proud to be her mother. Emma will be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to do. I love you, Emma.

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Gabe Roman, United States, NY
8/16/2013 8:56:17 AM
As a camp counselor at the JCC Camp Special Needs Division (Marvins) I've had the pleasure of working with Emma, and while skimming through this site, I saw a few stories about one of the sweetest, cutest campers; Emma. This post says it all. She is helpful, sweet, and an inspiration. I'm so happy that she's overcome her obstacles, and that she will continue to help inspire others, and do as she pleases. Emma, you rock!

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