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My Son's Story of Triumph!
The Face Of Love
The Face Of Love
My Son's Story of Triumph!

I remember the day we were told that Jimmy might have Down syndrome. We had been trying for years to have another child. I remember waiting on the ultrasound chair to find out what we were having. I wanted a little boy so bad. Someone to be Mama’s little man, who would play with trucks and track the dirt in, and be named after the best man I ever met…his Daddy. There it was, the tech pointed it out on the screen, without a doubt I would finally have my little man. I was so happy and smiley I thought my face would break. All those dreams would come true. 
Suddenly the tech got so serious, after what seemed like an eternity she explained to us that our son may have Down syndrome. Would he be able to live? Would he love us? Would he be able to do anything? I cried all the way home. I couldn’t believe this was happening to my son. After trying to have him for over six years, this wasn’t fair, it wasn’t right. I went home and researched everything I could find on Down syndrome. I looked through hundreds of web pages, tried to get every fact I could. To me the scariest of them all: heart problems. Since my husband has heart issues we went ahead and decided to get our unborn son checked. Sure enough…there he had some holes in his heart, and one looked like it would have to be fixed. Open. Heart. Surgery. And again I thought, why my son? What did we do? Nothing. We didn’t cause this to happen. We couldn’t stop it, or prevent it. 
The next week we went to the specialist and he said that from what he could see on the ultrasound his opinion was that Jimmy did in fact have Down syndrome. He wanted to do an amnio to be sure. He said that was a way to help us make our decision. What decision? No matter what I was having my son! He is my son! I was outraged when this doctor told us we were selfish for bringing this child into the world. He was convinced that his quality of life was horrible. Wrong. Jimmy spent 10 days in the NICU with some breathing issues (thank you heart). At three months old he had his heart surgery. Now, three years later his muscles are delayed, we work really hard with them, and they are building. But he is every dream I ever had about my son long before I ever heard the words Down syndrome. He loves trucks, he’s fearless, he’s determined, he’s happy, he loves his Mama, and so much more than can be put into words. Having Jimmy has been one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. He’s brought so much love and patience in to our house. He has taught us not to sweat the small stuff and love with all your heart.

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Julie Lunn, United States, NE
8/24/2012 10:18:37 AM
What a great story of love and determination. We are all rooting for you Jimmy and your family too.

Sharon Naaf, United States, NE
8/23/2012 4:50:06 PM
This is a special story of a very special little boy written by his very devoted,loving mommy. Little Jimmy has many people,friends & family, who love him. Jimmy's sister,Lily, is a super big sister & his daddy is proud of him also. H

Kelli Forrester, United States, GA
8/23/2012 11:36:59 AM
Great story! I know exactly what you mean! I waited almost 10 years for my Troy & NO DOCTOR was going to tell me that his life wasn't worth living. God created Troy in His image, DS & CHD wasn't going to make me terminate him. 3 1/2 years later, my son is the sunshine in our lives. I wouldn't change him for anything...the heart issues, YES...his something extra, NO makes him perfect!

Natasha Dobbins, United States, NE
2012-08-17 11:53
Love Mama's Man!

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