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My Son
My Son

Hello, my name is Tracy Lovett and I am 23 years of age, mother of 14 month old twins; a boy and a girl. The day my twins were born I was made aware that my son was diagnosed with Down syndrome. I took blood tests too late in the pregnancy and received inaccurate results. I was very shocked and felt uneducated fully about Down syndrome. Since the birth, my son Tayvin has seen a cardiologist, audiologist, eye doctor, head specialist and has had surgery for his tear duct. It was very hard at first with him, because when he was first born he would throw up almost all of his food so easily, he had very poor muscle tone, couldn't roll over. But over the past few months and thanks to his physical therapists, he can sit up with assistance for long periods of time, he can finally eat stage 2-3 foods without vomiting. He can tolerate tummy time better, he babbles, he stays more attentive. He is such a strong little boy, and very determined, as in fact he can now hold his bottle with no assistance. He tries to grab my attention if I have left the room. He is such a joy for me and so full of laughter. As his mother I am very proud of my son, and can wait patiently for what he has in store when he gets older.

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