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My Sister and Her Movies
Lunch with my sister
Lunch with my sister
My Sister and Her Movies

If there is one thing that my sister Samantha can do, it is make you smile. Whether she is saying something funny, doing something amusing, or just laughing- you can't help but smile when you are around her. There have been times in my life that have been hard, but with Samantha around I forget all the bad things and focus on the joy and laughter that she brings. It's as if she has a sixth sense of knowing the precise moment to give you a warm smile, a big laugh, or the perfect hug. One of Samantha's favorite things to do is go to the movies. She will often go to the theaters twice a week and see the latest release. She has this incredible memory for actors, movies, movie characters, and movie lines. She can quote them and even relate the movies to every day situations. One of the most entertaining parts of her movie hobby is her rating system. After going to the theater with her and asking how the movie was, Samantha will rate the movie based upon it's language and graphic content. "Samantha did you like the movie?" To which she replies, "no cussing, no sex" in a positive tone indicating it was good. Sometimes the reply is not as positive like "two cuss words and a finger." Her rating system is well-known with our family and friends, and often people will call her to get the rating on the latest movie. Samantha is 25 years old now and has had us all wrapped around her finger since she was born on Christmas Day in 1987. It wasn't the Christmas present I wanted that year, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. To learn more about Samantha's rating system and her go to

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June DeLong, United States, GA
1/5/2012 4:05:03 PM
Great story :)

Corinne Bludworth, United States, MT
1/12/2012 12:10:46 PM
You've just described my daughter Jordan to a T! I'm always astounded by her ability to rattle off movie lines, characters, quotes.... Your sister sounds amazing!

Anita Phares, United States, VA
2/7/2012 5:50:17 PM
Our 6 year old daughter with mosaic Down syndrome also LOVES her movies. It's nice to know someone else likes movies and can quote the lines and relate it to real life situations. I will ask our daughter sometimes what she is saying, and the reply will

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