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My Precious Danielle
My Precious Danielle

It's hard to know where to begin. I was pregnant when I was 37. After 9 months carrying my child, the days finally came. The joy is immeasurable. My baby slept on my bed the whole night and my husband went home that night because he need more sleep, so that early morning one of the hospital pediatrician came by and touch my hand. "I have some news to you... your baby's palm crest is different and her feet... I suspect she has Down syndrome. I panic. I scream my husband does not know I was so helpless and restless my baby... There is an awful silence in which the world spins away from me. I have an overpowering desire to flee... I pull her close and rock on my chest while my tears are unstoppable until she cried maybe she tells me, mommy it's ok I will be staying with you for the rest of my life... You have me and I have you... Our world will be so much fun... I love my Danielle, she is my joy, my everything.

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Jennifer Crawford, United States, GA
5/20/2011 12:39:19 AM
Exactly how I felt

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