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My New Kitten
My New Kitten

Daisy is my new kitten. She is gray with blonde fur. She is a year old. She has yellow eyes and a long tail. She is playful and she likes to give kisses. I got her last Christmas. I got her from the Humane Society and the Humane Society told me to take care of Daisy. I am raising her on my own. She is 4 pounds and she is eating lots of cat food. I have been doing her litter box and giving her pounce treats. She likes to play with paper all the time and animals. Daisy sleeps in her pillow cushion in my exercise room. I like having Daisy as my daughter - who I love - and I like being a good mother to Daisy. She is my daughter and my baby girl. Daisy is my responsibility to take care of and to raise her on my own. She is very lonely when I leave for school. When I am in school my Dad takes care of Daisy for me. When my family goes on Hawaiian vacations one of my Dad's interns, Stephen, takes care of Daisy. Daisy is making me laugh all the time. I like to laugh when she plays with paper and takes it downstairs and into the dining room and the kitchen. Sometimes she takes it to the living room and all around the house and that cracks me up! She loves her mother more than anything. I love her with all my heart. I am glad that she is a part of my family now and she has a new home with her new family. Our family includes just Mom, Dad, myself, and Daisy.

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Kelli Appel , United States, IL
1/24/2011 4:15:32 PM
Daisy is lucky to be part of your family.

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