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My London Grace Rivas
My London Grace Rivas

My name is Evelyn Barnes, my husband Stanley Rivas and I are the same age, thirty nine years old. We have four children, five year old Trystan Jacob, three year old Kane Orion. Last year I had a C-section, and gave birth to twin girls Brooklyn Faith and London Grace. When my mom handed me London after the doctor delivered her I knew when I saw her, I saw Down syndrome. How lucky was I, that God allowed me of all women in the world, to care of his precious child. The girls weighed five lbs, but two weeks later London Grace crashed, her heart rate would reach bradycardia. The doctors began sedating her at night, tests indicated she was born with only one ventricle and a hole in her heart. Her fight began, everyday she ran a marathon, her heart beat reached one forty, one sixty, twenty-four hours a day. We spent months in the hospital trying to get her at eleven pounds for surgery. We thought we would lose her, she never gained the weight but at eight lbs the doctors had no choice but to go in. There was no complications except the stitches were placed on the draining hoses, and when it was time to remove the hoses they were stuck so they had to reopen her chest a little. Within two and a half weeks London Grace was home. We are blessed, we know that we have many more obstacles, if I could go back I wouldn't change a thing.

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