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My Little Sister
My Little Sister

My eight-year-old sister Christina is an amazing little girl. At seven-months-old she had to have open heart surgery to repair a hole in her on the wall that divides the upper two chambers of her heart. At three-years-old we lost our maternal grandma who was the only grandma that Chrissy knew. At four-years-old she got run over by a car and it broke her femur on her right leg and she was in a cast from her armpits down and trying to walk on it two weeks later. Within a five month period we lost our only living grandfather and our great-grandmother and we lost our home to a fire. She has never gotten down and she is a very happy little girl. She started a new school this school year and all the staff looks forward to getting "Chrissy hugs" everyday.

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Kevin, United States, VA
4/3/2014 10:25:22 AM
Powerful story and a message on positivity! What a strong little lady

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