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My Little Sister
Hannah's 21st
Hannah's 21st
My Little Sister

When you have a child with Down syndrome, doctors explain all the things your child will never do and the risks. When you have a ‘normal’ baby they never mention the problems that your child might face. Hannah is the greatest blessing to my life, she loves life and she doesn’t let her disability stop her from having an amazing life. She brings so much joy and laughter to everyone she encounters!

Just because she has a disability doesn’t mean she’s stupid. Early on she picked up that she could earn pocket money by cleaning cars. She saw me sell a painting, the next day she had six paintings and a 'For Sale' painting album on facebook with pictures. She even sold two paintings. She will even use her disability to her advantage to people who don’t know her, she works out what she can get away with and where to push boundaries. When she’s in trouble she cracks jokes to break the tension with excuses like “it’s okay I’m handicapped.”

The stories I could tell... The time she crawled through the bag scanners at the Brisbane Airport and had security guards chasing her around the airport conveyer belts. Life’s an adventure with Hannah. I think she has hit on just about every single one of my friends - she goes through boys like days of the week from Zac Efron to Elvis Presley. At least when she moved on to Elvis ‘High School Musical’ wasn’t blasted through the stereo at 6am, but it was pretty funny when the truth that Elvis died many years ago got out.

She's won more ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in swimming than I can count. Shy is not a word in her vocabulary. She charges at life with 200% effort. She can work a computer or any device in two seconds. Nothing slows her down. One day she had at least 20 pages of writing and I asked her what she was doing, apparently she had spent the morning working on writing a book.

Little of our town's youth are employed. That hasn’t stopped Hannah. She’s worked at the pharmacy and supermarket. Because she never gives up, she has filled out millions of application forms. Her heart is enormous. She had saved $300 working and then gave it to Mum to help towards a new house. She has my back, when anyone asks “Is Ben a mean older brother?” she snaps back “No he’s a nice brother” and mentions this one time I watched her for a week and we saw the Harry Potter movie, and had ‘McDonalds’ after  - it wasn’t a big deal but obviously it meant the world to her. She is grateful for the smallest gifts - her face just lights up. She loves everyone. I wouldn’t change a thing about Hannah. She’s an absolute blessing. She is the greatest example of God’s love. I’ve been blessed with the most amazing little sister, perfect exactly how she is.

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Brenda Esparza, United States, TX
1/17/2013 4:36:11 PM
I LOVE YOUR STORY ABOUT YOUR LITTLE SISTER!!! This just inspires me more! Thank you!

Denise Toon, United States, OH
12/4/2012 10:09:17 PM
I love your story..

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