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My Isaiah
Angela and Isaiah
Angela and Isaiah
My Isaiah

31 reflections about my child who was born with this extra bonus called Down syndrome. This was written in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a thought a day:

1. I love the way his glasses droop off his modest nose bridge.
2. I love his sense of humor and silliness.
3. I love that he still loves to cuddle his mother when no one is looking.
4. I love his determination to do things independently.
5. I love his "selective" ability to articulate words perfectly when he is saying something totally inappropriate or private.
6. I love the people and opportunities he has brought into my world.
7. I love that he can read for hours on end, never getting tired of a good book.
8. I love his interest and curiosity for the world around him.
9. I love his sarcasm and fresh mouth (at times).
10. I love his ability to spit out quotes or reenact scenes from movies at the drop of a dime.
11. I love the pride and self-esteem he has developed.
12. I love the way he will turn, catch my eye, and smile at me with that sneaky little grin.
13. I love the negotiation tactics he uses to get his way.
14. I love the mess he never ceases to make when he eats.
15. I love that he thinks he is the best thing walking this earth.
16. I love his creativity in developing excuses when he doesn't want to do something.
17. I love his sensitivity and concern about others.
18. I love his big hugs that knock me down.
19. I love his trash talking and blossoming ego when it comes to his athletic ability.
20. I love the way he sticks up for people who aren't being treated right.
21. I love the way the tops of his ears turn down a bit and the way he still giggles when I flick them!
22. I love the way he reprimands me to calm down or be patient or not to worry.
23. I love the way he rolls his eyes at me when I embarrass him.
24. I love his charm and ability to engage people he meets.
25. I love his recognition of others with special needs and how he attempts to "diagnosis" the world.
26. I love his funky, almond shaped, chocolate eyes.
27. I love the way he taught me to keep things in perspective and what is really important in this life.
28. I love that he has no shame in belting out any song.
29. I love that I can look at him and still feel in awe of the fact my little three pound sick baby has turned into who he is today. Blows my mind.
30. I love how he has changed me and his father, making us both way better people.
31. I love how this extra "bonus" created "my Isaiah."

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Sharice Bringier, United States, CA
3/21/2011 12:36:03 PM

Brian Skotko, United States, MA
3/21/2011 9:36:56 AM
Isaiah inspires me, too!

Heidi Farrow, United States, NH
5/6/2013 2:10:43 PM
Angela, I love your "love story!"

Meaghan McDevitt, United States, MA
3/26/2013 8:52:28 PM
Isaiah you are an amazing young man. I am proud to be your teacher!!!

Debbie Connell, United States, MA
3/24/2013 1:50:49 PM
I've watched Isaiah grow from a preschooler into a teenager. He is truly a remarkable person. Way to go Isaiah!!

Melissa, United States, MA
3/22/2013 6:33:52 AM
This is a wonderful story. I have known Isaiah since he was born. He is kind, outgoing and has a way about him that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. Angela has given her all to him, is a wonderful mother and role model. Love you guys!

TENNILLE, United States, LA
3/21/2013 1:35:54 PM

Pamela Kozak, United States, NC
10/15/2012 10:43:52 AM
This reminds to be thankful for all those wonderful attributes. Thank you and God bless you.

Donna Boswell, United States, NC
10/15/2012 9:59:26 AM
Love it!

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