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My Inspiration
My best friend
My best friend
My Inspiration

This story is about a very special boy that just happens to be my brother. His name is B.J. and I could not tell you in enough words how great he actually is. B.J. has severe Down syndrome and by that I mean he is not able to communicate what so ever and is not able to function on his own. This has made it very tough for him to tell us his everyday needs and wants. This may be the hardest thing in his life not including all of the medical problems but he does not let that slow him down .B.J. is now 19 years old and attends the Millet Learning Center. He is always smiling and giving anyone he encounters a hug. He is very well known at his school for being the "ladies man". No one can resist his sweetness. B.J. has not only touched everyone’s life he meets but he has actually made me who I am today. I believe that god put B.J. in my life for a great reason. I understand people with special needs more than most and he has inspired me to go into teaching special education. I thank god everyday for giving us B.J and I would not change a thing about him. I only wish that everyone else had the opportunity to meet him because I know he would have an impact on them as much as he has on me.

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