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My Inspiration
Christopher Gentry High 7 mths. old
Christopher Gentry High 7 mths. old
My Inspiration

This is a story about our son Christopher. When Christopher was born we didn't know if he had Down syndrome. There were markers during my pregnancy however we chose not to have an amnio due to the risks. When he was born the doctors were not sure either because he didn't look like he had Down syndrome. We waited a week and received the phone call that changed our lives. Your son has Trisomy 21. I thought that my heart was just handed to me. One month later Christopher started having respiratoy problems then feeding problems & subsequently needed a trach & g-tube. He is the strongest most happiest person that I have ever met. Christopher has been through so much in his 7 months yet he still manages to brighten a room with his smile. Everyday that God graces this earth with this beautiful child is not only an inspiration to me but to others as well. He is my reminder that you can be happy, you can be strong, you can touch peoples lives just by your smile, your strength & your courage and the overflow of love that can be shared without even a word.

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