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My Inspiration
Aubrey just loving life in the fall/winter
Aubrey just loving life in the fall/winter
My Inspiration

On October 3, 2009 at 11:27a.m. my little girl was put into my arms, I took one glance at her angelic face and I knew, she was different, she was special. Looking around the room, no one else knew, no one saw the twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes, but her mama. It took a day for doctors to tell us they thought Aubrey has Down syndrome. The days that followed where hard to hear, Aubrey had to have open heart surgery to repair a complete AV canal defect. On August 16, 2010 she underwent open heart surgery; she was a trooper through the whole surgery. As a mother I was supposed to be there for her, instead because of her incredible strength, she was actually there for me. Seeing her after surgery, made me realize everything was going to be okay. Her surgery was three hours long, a few hours after surgery she was breathing on her own, not even 24 hours after surgery she was moved out of ICU, and into a regular room. What seemed like forever was actually only three days. Aubrey did so well, we were in and out of the hospital in three days, nurses and doctors where shocked on how well she had done. I wasn't shocked I could see the fight, and the courage in her eyes, she was getting this done, all with a smile on her face. Aubrey has changed my way of looking at the world, she has taught me lessons I would have never learned through the years. Aubrey is too young to understand the huge impact she has had on my life and I don't think I would ever be able to put into words how this one little girl changed my world in so many ways. I know that one day at a time, she is going to change the lives of many people around her, and make her mark on this world. Aubrey has Down syndrome and I would never deny that it makes her who she is, it makes her shine, but to me, Aubrey is our special gift. At just one year and three months old she is my inspiration.

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Trey Howell, United States, OK
6/9/2011 5:47:27 PM
this is very Interest story by Kaley Durland she wrote from her heart of her brother Clark Durland very cool

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