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My Inspiration, My Big Sister, My Best Friend
My Great Big Sister Lori
My Great Big Sister Lori
My Inspiration, My Big Sister, My Best Friend

I would love to share a story about my wonderful big sister Lori. Lori is 34 years old and going strong. She is a wonderful and energetic young lady who is ambitious and very sociable. One of Lori's greatest talents is her love of drawing. Lori loves to create works of art out of intricate shapes, colors, and lines. They are truly one of a kind and she likes to make cards for friends and family members using her unique style of art. Another wonderful thing about Lori is that she is able to beautifully express herself by writing. She uses a variety of poetic words and phrases to create a story that everyone loves to read. She has many notebooks full of her writing, and hopes to one day have them published. In addition, one of the biggest crowd pleasers at a family gathering or party is when Lori becomes the "human jukebox." Lori has always been a huge lover of music. Whenever a song is played, no matter what time period it is from, Lori always guesses the artist who performed the music. It is so wonderful to see her become so excited when music is played, and be so energetic when guessing a song. Lori has always been an ambitious young lady throughout middle school and high school. She participated in every Special Olympics event in her school years and has received many medals for her triumphs. She also was an active member of many clubs in high school such as scrap-booking club, art club and music club. Overall, my sister has achieved alot in her life, and for this I am so proud of her for. My sister is a beautiful person. She fills people in her company full of light, happiness, laughter, and energy. She is the greatest person I know, and it is an honor and privileged to have her as my big sister.

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