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My Husband Mark Potee
My Husband Mark Potee

Hi my name is Niki Kiser. I'm happily married to my husband who has Down syndrome, I met my husband two years ago on our first date after I gotten out of an abusive relationship for a long time. I remember when I was a little girl I watched Life Goes On on television with Chris Burke my favorite actor who is my pen pals although we can't call each other on the phone it's long distance. My husband Mark is a very nice person and always have his smile on his face everyday and I love my husband very much. My husband is in Hamilton Country Special Olympics Mark does Bowling and track and field and Softball throw. My husband is an athlete a one heck of an athlete. Thank you for listening to my story God Bless you. The end.

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Jill Wiltberger, United States, OH
07/07/2012 21:01:25
I love this story! I know Mark.. he is a delightful young man with a very sweet disposition.

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