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My Helper
My Helper

This story is about my son Ryan who has Down syndrome, he just turned 25 this year. At age three he had T tubes put in due to fluid and chronic ear infections . With in three months after the tubes had been put in he became very sick where he was Med lifted to MGH in Boston.He was put on a respirator for two weeks .He then was released and came home feeling so much better. Within six months we were back at MGH with chronic respiratory issues .This seemed to become the norm for us every six to eight months he was being flown into Boston with chronic respiratory issues. This went on for three years. At age 6 Ryan had a stroke. They did all kinds of tests on this little guy. Between six years and nine years old Ryan ended up having 3CVA's .The strokes had damaged his air passage way by collapsing it to where the doctors had to do a tracheotomy and put a feeding tube in, Ryan was in a wheel chair and could not walk, talk or feed himself. They found that he has Moya Moya, central and obstructive sleepapnea. Ryan spent 14 months in rehab. It has been 14 years sense Ryan has come home. He now walks with a walker, feeds himself, dresses himself, collects his laundry to be washed and puts his laundry away.He also helps me with the dishes and taking out the rubbish. He also likes to dust his room . With all that Ryan has gone through with his health, he has always had a smile on his face and a BIG hug and kiss for everyone he meets. And ladies always get a kiss on the hand.

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Susan MacGregor, Canada,
11/16/2013 11:24:20 PM
I work with a 10 year old girl with Down Syndrome at school and am daily amazed at her insights, sense of humour and gifts.

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