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My Firework
My Firework

As this weekend approached, my daughter Safia - 19 years old and a senior at her high school for special needs kids - was looking forward to not one but TWO proms! One at her school on Friday night and one for kids with chronic illnesses, sponsored by NY Hospital (A place where we have spent much time!) on Saturday. However her date for both events ended up ignoring her and dancing with a classmate all night at the first prom. She tried to take it a all in stride but opted to cancel the second prom. In an effort to cheer her up, we went out for lunch and a movie. After hearing the despicable R word in all its forms - retard, retarded and tard several times, Safia leaned over and said to me " I think we should leave now Mom." Feeling like the weekend couldn't possibly get any worse, we headed home and made a stop at the grocery store. Safia stayed in the car while I ran in. Upon exiting the store, I could immediately hear the music and Safia belting out "Firework" by Katy Perry at the top of her lungs. A smile came across my face and I was reminded once again how proud I am to be the mother of such a wonderful, resilient, sweet, strong, talented and absolutely unstoppable young woman. Safia you are MY firework! Happy Mother's Day to all moms of exceptional kids out there!

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