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My Brother is a Blessing
Luke and me before school one morning
Luke and me before school one morning
My Brother is a Blessing

Luke was the youngest child in our family and he sure loved his siblings and parents! He helped set the dinner for table and was happiest when the whole family would be there. He would ask my mom how many placemats to get out and when everyone was going to be home for dinner he'd say "We are six!" Luke and my other brother Andy had a special bond and they perfected many a "perfect-brother-hand-shake." Luke loved to call our big sister who was 20 hours away in college and tell her "be home at 8 o'clock." With me he loved to have 'cooking shows' and wake me up early on Saturday mornings asking if he could get in my bed with me' even when I was having a sleep-over! He loved getting dressed up in a suit on Sunday morning to match our dad and was mom's ever constant companion and helper. He taught our family so much in his 11 years, we are forever changed because of him. I pass a billboard when I'm on one of the main highways in my home state that has a picture of two young girls and a little boy with Down syndrome. It says "Our brother is a blessing." I couldn't agree more.

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