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My Beam in the Sunshine State
My Baby Brother, My Hero
My Baby Brother, My Hero
My Beam in the Sunshine State

My name is Katelin, and I am the big sister of Jeremy who has changed my life in more ways than I can explain. Jeremy is 22, and has now graduated from high school - due to lack of funding he does not receive any services in the state of Florida. Although he lives in a state that is severely under-serving him, he learns and develops new habits and thoughts every day. He is aware of his disability and can see another person with Down syndrome and say "hey he's special like me." Jeremy may not have any services now, but the community he is in has taken it upon themselves to fill in the void Florida has left him with. He is able to assist people with small tasks, and be a good will ambassador if you will for a community of people who make our family feel that this was the best place for he and my mother to live. Jeremy's Great Story is not about a single day, or a fond moment - because all I have with him are part of his great story. Jeremy's great story is simply the life of Jeremy. He has been the glimpse of light my family had through poverty, abuse, and loss. He is 22 and has overcome abuse from his father, a failed system, and an unforgiving society. I have not met a person he has met whose life hasn't been changed for the better because of knowing him. When I was 7 I wrote about what it was like to be the big sister, now at 25 I am writing about how lucky I am to be the big sister.

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