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My Amazing Daughter
Shelby as Tinker Bell - 2009
Shelby as Tinker Bell - 2009
My Amazing Daughter

Her favorite color is pink. She loves kittens. She loves all things Disney. She loves swimming and playing outside. She loves going to the park too. She loves books, and loves playing with dolls. She loves her father, and she is the sun and the moon for him too. She loves going to the movies, and is very well behaved in the theater. She has traveled quite a bit, having gone to Hawaii, Mexico, and several trips to Disneyland. She loves her grandparents and always asks to go visit them. She loves riding the school bus, and loves her friends and teachers. She likes doing puzzles and loves to paint. She is so helpful to me in the kitchen, always asking to help put away dishes, help cook dinner, or help make dessert (which she definitely wants to help EAT, too.). She can be a "little stinker" too she hates picking up her toys, but will do it with prompting. She teases her little brother, and thinks its lots of fun to get a rise out of him. She can be very dramatic when she gets a "boo boo," crying as if she was seriously hurt, but will turn off the tears if a cookie or some ice cream is involved. She hates going to the doctor, and will fight with superhuman strength to prevent the doctor from looking in her ears. She has the sweetest heart she loves babies and is so very gentle with them. She is very affectionate and tells her father and I that she loves us every single day. She loves to cuddle and loves to make us rub her feet! She likes picking out her own clothes, but hates to have her hair brushed because it sometimes gets little tangles that hurt to get out. However, once the tangles are out and her hair is put up, she is very proud of how cute she looks and checks herself out in the mirror! Does this little girl sound like your child? I bet she does. This little bunny rabbit is my daughter, Shelby. When I describe Shelby, she sounds very "normal," for lack of a better word. And she IS normal - Shelby has Down's syndrome, but it doesn't define her to the ones that love her. Shelby is very capable, and will do everything that a "typically developing child will do she will just do it a bit slower. And that is OK with me. I am Shelby's mother, and I love and adore her just the way she is. I will always do whatever is necessary to help her to be the "Best Little Shelby" she can be. God blessed us when he gave Shelby to our family she has brought our family together like nothing else could, and everyone who meets her is drawn to her. I know my life changed forever when that little girl came into it and I thank God every day for my wonderful little bunny rabbit!

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Muriel Stettler, United States, CA
1/24/2011 5:29:15 PM
I know that this is the best story because Shelby is my student and she is a very loved little girl.

gretchen carlson, United States, CA
1/24/2011 6:07:03 AM
Very sweet, Gina. Thanks for sharing.

cyndi moise, United States, CA
1/23/2011 12:31:24 PM
i am very proud to have shelby as my neice. she is such a special little girl with a lot of love to share. she is a little stinker at times , but she warms the hearts of all who know her. i love ya shelbs. love your auntie, cyndi moise

Aimee Hensley, United States, CA
1/23/2011 9:53:25 AM
Gina - So beautifully written! Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts regarding Shelby. I can see from your words she is remarkable! For whatever reason God knows exactly what we need in our lives. I am so happy that Shelby is that perfect someth

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