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My Adventures Begin!
Just another snowy adventure!
Just another snowy adventure!
My Adventures Begin!

Hi! I'm Ty! I am 7 ' years old, that means I am the biggest brother in my house. My Mom & Dad thought they would have a baby when they were younger ME! My Mom & Dad didn't know what me or my little brothers would be like before we were born and lots of doctors gave them a hard time because of that for some silly reason. Soon after I got home all sorts of people came to visit me to help me get stronger, see my muscles?!?! I practiced every day until I could zoom around the house. Right after my 2nd birthday I decided to start walking before our family airplane trip. Mom & Dad walked with me up and down the aisle of the airplane. It was fun for me anyway! When I was 3 years old I started preschool where I was just like any other kid. Right before my 5th birthday I went to my first day of kindergarten. My teacher did not see me as Tysen as my other teachers had and pretended I was not there. I wanted to stay home and not go to school anymore. I tried to run away from my teacher whenever I could. Right after I started my second year of kindergarten with a new teacher, I had surgery to fix my heart in the big city of San Francisco. Hold your breath over the bridge! Ready, set, go! The doctors fixed the hole in my heart and my leaky valve I was born with, but my heart did not like it. So they hooked a "machine" called a pace maker to my heart to help it pump pump pump. I have to be very careful to keep my machine protected. I started 1st grade at a brand new school with really fun teachers and made some good friends. I even had an 8th grade buddy! Whoa! I think people at my new school understand and see me as Tysen, not some "other" kid. I still have Speech and OT time like I always have since I was a baby. I like Speech because it helps me get my words out when I have a hard time talking to my friends or teachers. That can be very frustrating, ooohhh, I get so mad when that happens. But I go for a walk to cool off and I come back to class ready to go. OT class is fun, too. Big muscles! Oh yeah, baby! I will be a 2nd grader when school starts again which means lots more adventures. I do have times when my friends and I get mad at each other like when I feel like a good bear hug in the middle of a story, and they don't, or they say I can't do something by myself because I might mess it up, but I won't. All sorts of friends get mad at each other all the time. Mom & Dad say it's part of being a kid. Well I guess that's me then, because I'm just like any other kid. See all my adventures on my blog! www.tysadventures.wordpress.

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