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Mothers Day
Mothers Day

This is a time to honor us. Our children get older and they may even move out of our homes someday. But, they never move out of our hearts. Today, I am saluting us. We have accepted some of life's greatest challenges and still greet each day with enthusiasm. We have our bad days, but we think of them as challenges and remember the gifts our children bring us. While I salute us, I am thinking of the mothers who came before us and made our travels so much easier. Because of their efforts, when my son was born almost 32 years ago, we were welcomed into the community of exceptionality by early intervention, family support, public education and the right to dream that anything was possible. If you are a new parent, welcome to the club of responsibility. This is where we each have the obligation to build on the success of those who came before us. While we didn't ask to be in this club, this is what life has given us. Let me share a story about my son, Jon. After Jon finished high school, he left home for a post-graduate program. For visits home, he learned to take a bus from school to Logan Airport, where we would meet him at the USAir Terminal. One particular Friday there was chaos at Logan as travelers tried to make other arrangements for cancelled flights. Several of the buses I expected Jon to be on came and went and Jon was not among the passengers. A bus got stuck in the terminal. All traffic was diverted. My efforts to get information only made my growing anxiety worse. There were two different police forces at the airport and each gave me different information. I tried calling the bus company, only to be foiled by the long lines for phones and the bus company's voice mail system. My cell phone was with my daughter, then 15, who was preparing for one of those all important semiformals. I was beginning to fear I would miss yet another one of her milestone events. I began to add up all the events I had missed because I was doing something related to her brother. I hadn't forgiven myself for missing her first day of kindergarten. I finally found a phone and demanded that the bus company radio the next bus to locate Jon as he was now 90 minutes late and that was too long for him to be unaccounted for. Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned and it was Jon. He had been dropped off at another terminal and took the airport shuttle back to USAir, all the while carrying a large duffle. Hugging him, I asked how he found me and he answered, "I have known you my whole life." Whenever I meet a mother who shares the same journey, it as if I have known her my whole life. Happy Mother's Day.

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Teresa Scanlon, United States, NY
5/9/2011 10:03:29 AM
I HAVE known you my whole life.

Teresa Scanlon, United States, NY
5/9/2011 10:03:29 AM
I HAVE known you my whole life.

Rita Dichtel, United States, CA
5/4/2011 1:47:47 AM
what a beautiful story . . . thank you. I love what your son said "I have known you all of my life." thank you for sharing.

Cat Carter, United States, CA
4/28/2011 12:18:58 PM
My son with Down Syndrome is only 7.5 so I haven't had one of those kind of moments yet, at least not with has 2 older brothers who have given many opportunities for both difficulties as well as joys. I have mom-guilt over some of the stuff

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