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Morgan's View
Morgan's View

Morgan Summers is a dynamic, happy, smiling 7 year old girl. She has an older brother and a younger sister. Morgan also has Down syndrome. We have been blessed by Morgan's perspective on life over the years. She has taught us to embrace each moment of every day and enjoy life while also expressing our individuality and celebrating who we are. Morgan sees the rainbows and highlights that we may not stop to notice. This picture was taken amidst a fierce storm quickly approaching. Our concerns were for the lightning, wind, rain, and elements beyond our control. Morgan looked out her car window and spotted some flowers planted in the median. She excitedly got my attention by exclaiming, Mommy "Look" THE FLOWERS ARE DANCING!!! Her unique ability to see the joy in everything keeps a needed balance to daily life. We are proud of Morgan and who she is! We Love You, Morgan!

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