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Imagine… a small boy frolicking in the spray of water in a splash park, unremarkable from the other children, except upon closer scrutiny there are the slight telling traits of one who was born with Down syndrome. A boy with blonde cropped hair, beautiful smiling eyes the color of sea foam on a cloudy day with a sparkle that hints of his unfailing sense of humor. He displays the strength of his father and the love of his mother who, he is not aware, has always been his steadfast champion.

Normal in so many ways – exasperating and frustrating like any other child at times - and then, there are those extraordinary moments… moments when your heart seemingly stops beating and time seems to stand still while you watch helplessly frozen as you witness the event unfold.  It is Agape love… a selfless love, a love that is passionately committed to the well-being of another. It is more than that – I know now, I have seen it. Anyone who is blessed enough to witness it is experiencing a miracle. It comes suddenly and something holds you there spellbound so that you cannot interfere.

Morgan is this boy and he is my grandson. Through the years he has taught me the immeasurable power of touching someone, those especially of whom most of us would shrink at the thought of touching, or much less give them heed.  Morgan seems to be guided in what seems an instant to those who would be by the world’s definition, ‘different' - those are they to whom he is drawn to and the gift is given. He has taught me that it is possible to exercise the blessed God given gift of looking into a person’s eyes and seeing into their souls. I cannot even pretend to know wholly what those feelings are that are shared, but I know I will never forget. I have uneasily witnessed several times now, at his first touch the uncomfortable stillness that comes before the understanding and softening of the person’s soul – feelings perhaps rare and so long forgotten that are seemingly felt once again by the at first, wary recipient. There is then a noticeable profound transformation of their countenance and manner – so much seems to have been conveyed without words.  Morgan’s love is a love that is without curiosity, guile or judgment.  When he reaches out to them, it seems as though there is an unspoken understanding, a sacred conversation between two sojourning souls that it would be impossible for mortal man to convey in words.

I understand now, there is nothing to compare of true import that we will ever have the capacity to teach him. He is here to teach us – to help us realize our true potential and allow us to experience the pure aspects of love - and perhaps, briefly have the opportunity through him - glimpse the essence of heaven.

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Deena Schmelzle, United States, KS
11/8/2016 8:38:25 AM
Love you, Morgan! I am so proud of you!

Robert B, United States, KS
5/7/2014 2:55:00 PM
Deena, this story is just wonderful, but words still fail to describe the pure unreserved love and acceptance that you get from Morgan when you meet him. I look forward to seeing him again real soon. I can just say my life has never been the same since the first time we've met. God bless you and your family.

Georgia , United States, KS
12/23/2013 10:08:51 PM
A beautiful story, Deena. Morgan is also my grandson and I simply cannot imagine life without him. When the Bible speaks of having the faith of a child, I think of Morgan and I am often envious of his simple yet profound spirituality. I, too have witnessed and been the recipient of Morgan's God-Spirit. It is humbling and magnificent at the same time. He can make me laugh like no other and often astounds me with his innate intelligence. Both of his parents have helped make him who he is. They, too, are special people. Thank you, Deena for such a lovely tribute to our grandson.

DJ Short, United States, KS
12/11/2013 9:54:18 AM
This is the young man I got to teach how to ride and rope at the kaw valley rodeo, what an awesome guy! He can sure spur one!

Christine Theodore, United States, UT
12/10/2013 4:18:25 PM
I love this boy, Morgan, and his family. The story portrayed many of the feelings that I had when I interacted with Morgan and his family. He is sunshine!

Sandi Redding, United States, KS
12/10/2013 12:24:27 PM
Morgan is so loving to everyone. He has a wonderful family and I'm glad to call them all friends.

Lisa, United States, KS
12/10/2013 8:00:25 AM
Little gifts from heaven are the old souls that we are given to teach us that simplicity is a beautiful, powerful influence. Fiercely protect our little gifts.

Tammi Budenbender, United States, KS
12/9/2013 8:35:39 PM
Morgan is an outstanding young man!! :)

Kim Ross, United States, KS
12/9/2013 8:07:50 PM
Another story could be written about the beautiful relationship between he and his older brother.

Dana McLean, United States, KS
12/9/2013 7:54:12 PM
I too was blessed to work with Morgan at his school and he will always have a special place in my heart..I shall never forget the wonderful day he came to visit our farm, and will always treasure how he says hi to my husband and I...I do miss working with him, but I am now just waiting for him to come in and cook in the school kitchen...(which he reminds me daily!) :)

LuAnn Lund, United States, KS
12/9/2013 3:49:48 PM
I was blessed to teach in the school Morgan attended as an elementary student. We miss him greatly as he has moved up to the middle school. He always had a smile on his face, and brought joy to our building every day!

Bridgett Henry, United States, KS
12/9/2013 1:31:45 PM
Morgan can light up the world with his smile! The love he shows not only to his family, but to the community is so special and we love him right back!

Deb Stryker, United States, KS
12/9/2013 1:14:08 PM
What a beautfiul story about a beautiful young man! We all love you Morg!

Jamiee Marker, United States, KS
12/9/2013 8:10:13 AM
Morgan is a very loving person. My daughter and I have had the pleasure of knowing him since kindergarten. All the kids at school adore him. Great story !

Shirley Hulsing, United States, KS
12/9/2013 7:43:40 AM
Truly touches my heart!!! To realize ourselves how Our Father in Heaven has truly blessed us in ways we would never expect.

Tami Howland, United States, KS
12/9/2013 7:34:59 AM
Beautiful words about a beautiful family. Morgan is such a joy to all who have the pleasure of knowing him.

Tina, United States, KS
12/9/2013 6:57:44 AM
He a great kid.. My kids love more.

Gloria Loberg, United States, KS
12/9/2013 6:44:06 AM
When Morgan comes through the door the room lights up. He is the most happiest kid I have seen.

Kassi Harris , United States, KS
12/8/2013 11:56:26 PM
He can easily brighten anyone's day!

shannon gibson, United States, KS
11/4/2013 6:16:18 PM
Love u MOrgan

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