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More Alike Than Different
Jamie hugs are the BEST hugs!
Jamie hugs are the BEST hugs!
More Alike Than Different

There is not one distinct moment that I can remember being told that my brother was special. We grew up like any typical brother and sister duo. We sang and danced together to our favorite songs from Disney movies. We ran through the sprinkler in our backyard on warm summer days. We knew when the other was upset and were always prepared with a substantial amount of tissues. We protected each other like siblings do and loved each other unconditionally. When I became old enough to understand what Down syndrome was – it only made me more grateful for the precious angel that is my brother Jamie. There is no person in this world who can put a smile on my face faster than he can. He sees the good in everyone and is the most loving individual I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Jamie inspires me to be a better person – to be the best version of myself that I can be. He always has a way of putting things into perspective. I remember when I was younger there were a few instances in which I found myself crying to my mom after getting in a fight with a friend. Jamie would come into my room with a pile of tissues for me, put his hand on my shoulder and say, “Don’t cry, Chelsea-bug, let me see your smile!” ‘Chelsea-bug’ was an affectionate nickname that my family had given me growing up. Jamie still calls me Chelsea-bug to this day. Jamie has taught me so many lessons in my 23 years of life. One of the first and most important lessons Jamie taught me was patience. As I mentioned earlier, we grew up like typical brothers and sisters do. We played together a lot and my five-year-old self would often get frustrated when Jamie couldn’t keep up. Eventually he taught me that everyone has their own way of doing things and to be patient or offer help when needed. Jamie also taught me the importance of awareness and acceptance. I remember being very aware of people staring because Jamie looked “different” or acted “different.” It bothered me and still does to a certain extent today. But I have learned that anyone who could possibly judge someone as remarkable as my brother is simply ignorant. Jamie is the epitome of a gentle soul. Kindness and love radiate from him everywhere he goes. I consider myself truly blessed to have him as a brother. He has taught me so much and inspired me to be a better person every day. I am grateful for every hug, every dance and every tissue! Jamie is my brother and best friend and we are more alike than different.

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Dr. Brenda Wrigley, United States, NY
4/4/2013 2:49:23 PM
One of the nicest stories I have EVER read. Wonderful!

Chris Riordan, United States, NY
4/4/2013 1:12:11 PM
This is adorable. Short and sweet and to the point. Very cute. The author is cute as a button and her brother is rad, too.

Diane Snyder or Gary Snyder, United States, NY
4/4/2013 12:01:46 AM
Love's funny that way :)

bill hughes, United States, FL
3/29/2013 5:42:51 PM

Bruce Auburn, United States, NY
3/28/2013 7:09:53 PM
What a great reminder that our lives are filled with such beautiful people. Thank you for sharing your love for each other with all of us.

Casandra Callipare, United States, NY
3/27/2013 9:34:51 PM
Growing up around the Auburn family, the relationship Jamie and Chelsea had was always extremely admirable. The amount of compassion and genuineness in the both of them shines bright through their personalities. These two will always hold a special place in my heart and will always remind me of the good people in this world.

Shelley , United States, NY
3/27/2013 10:42:25 AM
Kindness and love go a long way.

Allyson Auburn, United States, NY
3/27/2013 5:14:07 AM

Marcin S, United States, NY
3/26/2013 8:46:44 PM
Thanks for sharing.

winkidzz, United States, NY
3/26/2013 12:50:54 PM
Truly impressed and motivated!

Marcy, United States, NY
3/26/2013 10:52:25 AM
A ture love story - blesses my heart!

Peter Minchak, United States, NY
3/26/2013 10:35:34 AM
Wonderful story.

John , United States, NY
3/26/2013 10:11:56 AM
I am voting for this great story that was submitted by a loving sister who appreciates her brother and their relationship.

sheela patil, United States, NY
3/26/2013 10:01:57 AM
Keep living & spread love!

D Cjurch, United States, NJ
3/26/2013 9:37:12 AM

Kristen Smith, United States, NY
3/26/2013 8:50:56 AM
I manage a group home for individuals with developmental disabilites. They are truly an inspiration to us all everyday!

Carol Ralph, United States, NY
3/25/2013 2:56:09 PM
What a lovely tribute to Jamie.

Barb D, United States, NY
3/25/2013 2:51:42 PM
Such a sweet story about siblings getting along in life. Best wishes to Chelsea and Jamie.

CLAIRE REX, United States, AK
3/25/2013 2:04:30 PM
Simply beautiful.

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