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Miracle Molly
She was smiling from day one
She was smiling from day one
Miracle Molly

Molly Rae was born at 1:34 am on a cold December morning, weighing 4 lbs 15 oz. By the time she had her first meal and first bath and they had taken care of me it was about 5:30 am and we were exhausted! The nurses took our baby girl and we tried to get some sleep through all our excitement. Just two short hours later the on-call pediatrician knocked on our door. He seemed hesitant to talk to us. He started out with telling us that her oxygen levels had dropped and she was currently on oxygen. Then he said it. "There are some traits about her that lead me to believe she has Down syndrome." I remember shaking my head over and over thinking there was no way this was happening to us. I felt as if I'd lost a child. This image we had of this perfect, "normal" little girl had died. We cried for several hours. We called our families and had plenty of support but that day was the hardest day of our lives. Here we were, brand new parents, and instead of being so excited and happy we were essentially mourning the loss of our daughter. After a while my husband and I both realized that Molly was actually a huge blessing. We believe we were specially chosen to raise this perfect little spirit and knew that we would be blessed beyond measure for having her in our lives. The next few days were pretty rough. After the pediatrician detected a heart murmur we were sent to a cardiologist. She had an echocardiogram and it was determined she has several holes in her heart; one of which would need immediate surgery. She had jaundice and she was too sleepy to eat and had dropped down to 4 lbs 4 oz by her second day of life. We spent every day of her first week in either the hospital or doctor's office. It seemed as though this would be our lives. One doctor visit after the next. We were starting to lose hope. Then suddenly the jaundice let up and she started eating and gaining weight. She was getting stronger and we could see it. She had a second echocardiogram and it was discovered that the hole that was causing immediate threats had actually started to close on its own. Making it so she didn't have to have surgery! The blessings continue to pour in as we watch her learn and grow each day. Today she is one month old and is one pound over her birth weight. I have never met a stronger little girl. We are so blessed to call ourselves her parents. She truly is a miracle.

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