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Lucy the Wonder Girl
Lucy the Wonder Girl

I know a girl who is four years old and she was born with Down syndrome. Last year this little girl was diagnosed with leukemia. She has the attutide that she is "tough." Next month she has to go in for more chemo. This little girl is my cousin named Lucy. I am writting this because I think she is one of a kind and she is a brave little girl. Everyone in her life has been helping her along the way. We have faith that she will overcome this and be an inspiration to others.

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Sherita Flynn, United States, IL
1/11/2013 11:45:49 AM
I feel it is hard enough for children to overcome but putting leukemia and harsh chemo therapy treatments on top is overwhelming for a 4 years old child and her family. Lucy is a true over comer and it blesses me to see a child raise up her arms through it all and say I am tough. I do believe she will have a story to tell and be a blessing to others that may be experiencing the same thing. Lucy you are so sweet and God bless you and your strength. I pray God will heal you totally.

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