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Loving Outside the Lines: Lessons from an Earth Angel
Chief Charlie, Our Special Angel
Chief Charlie, Our Special Angel
Loving Outside the Lines: Lessons from an Earth Angel

As a young teenager in the seventies, I had a strong feeling that I'd one day have a baby with Down syndrome. This was a happy thought for me, and I wanted to share this joyous revelation with others. But it didn't take long to discover that most people don't consider Down syndrome to be a cause for celebration. Twenty years later, my premonition came true when my husband and I adopted a beautiful baby boy who was blessed with Down syndrome. When Charlie arrived on the scene, I knew that together we'd make a contribution to the world. I didn't know how or when this would happen, but trusted it nonetheless. When Charlie was around thirteen, he began to dictate inspired messages to me that he'd "hear" in his heart. As a person whose life calling took me to many memorial services, my son often composed a special prayer for me to share. And from the very beginning, I saw how deeply his words resonated with the grieving families. It was then I was given a glimpse of what would become our unique service to humanity. Since I'm an inspirational writer and speaker, Charlie has seen firsthand the healing power that words can carry. It's been several years since he first spoke in public, and from the beginning, audiences have been moved by the soul stirring touch of his prayers. Through the simple wisdom of his offerings, he's able to reach people at a much deeper level than I'm equipped to do. Families and friends of individuals who have Down syndrome have likely noticed the unconditionally loving nature that's so prevalent in the personalities of those with Down syndrome. I believe it's this innate gentle spirit that invites others to respond from the heart. I observe this phenomenon nearly every day of my life with our eldest son. I can honestly admit that living with Charlie teaches me what it means to be fully, wondrously human. As I watch him move through the world with such tenderness, he shows me how to live in the depth of each present moment. Gracefully, he mirrors the beauty of who I am in the clear reflection of his innocence. Charlie embraces all that life brings with the firm faith of a seasoned master. He doesn't shy away from the difficult things in life, but instead, faces them with a dignity that belies his years. He's one of my greatest teachers, and I'm so very grateful to have him at my side on this earthly journey. In closing, I'd like to share one of Charlie's special prayers. I'm honored to present to you these words that flow so beautifully from my son's own heart: "The happiness of light is souls of love and peaceful, and the world of happy makes people love each other. The light makes joyful healing hearts. Everyone loves about this planet and soulness making heartness. People are living around the light of joy." - Charlie Fenimore, Love Ambassador

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Lorene Miller, United States, CA
2/23/2014 8:21:51 PM
This a beautiful story. It touches your heart at the deepest levels of love. It brings tears with smiles. Jannirose shares a wonderful, open, loving perspective of having a gifted son in Charlie. Charlie's sharing of his words are a true reminder for each of us to love and connect. One of the best stories I have read!

Cara Wilson-Granat, United States, CA
9/20/2012 10:59:30 PM
This is such a beautiful story of love, expressed so poignantly and with such honesty from a mother about her amazing son--a true angel we should all be so blessed to know. I celebrate Jannirose and Charlie for the gifts they both bring us on this planet. Charlie IS an Earth Angel. And so is his devoted mama.

dona greene, United States, OH
9/6/2012 10:54:38 AM
Thank you Charlie for sharing what is most important to remember each day about the light that shines in each and everyone because we are all a part of that whole light. Happy Happy Happy!

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