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Love Came Down
Love Came Down

Waiting for the doors to open, my Dad beside me, I started to whisper to him how much I appreciated all he had done to help make this day all I had dreamed of, and he quickly responded back with, “Don’t make me cry.” The music changed, the doors opened and all I could see in front of me was my future. The man waiting under the garden archway surrounded by candles, roses, hydrangeas , family and friends, had asked me to marry him and I said yes. At 48 years old, I was becoming a wife, mother and grandmother for the first time in my life. 
As our eyes met, it felt like there was no one else in the room. Moving forward, I caught a glimpse of blue and brown quickly moving towards me. Suddenly a little blonde head was at my waist and arms thrown around me in embrace. While planning our wedding, Mark and I wondered what his 10 year old daughter, who has Down syndrome, and rarely conforms to the expected, might do. Captured in the unexpected hug, nothing seemed more “right” than to stop and embrace my future. As I leaned down for a second “squeeze hug”, as Sarah likes to call it, I kissed the top of her head and she turned and swept her arm forward as if to say, “Go ahead, there’s my Dad.” Rather than interrupting my moment, Sarah made it. Smiling, I watched her walk over to greet each of the bridesmaids, wearing a blue dress to match their flowers, with a sheer brown overlay and brown satin bow to match their dresses. Her own unique style showed through the holes in the bottoms of her tights as she had long abandoned her shoes and chosen to go barefoot. 
Saying “I do” to her Dad, I opened my heart and life to so much more than I ever expected. We have Sarah 50% of the time, and she is my amazing love story. She has taught me to laugh, just to laugh. She says, “Laugh with me Daddy,” and we spend the next 5 or 10 minutes in deep, heart healing, belly laughter. She has taught me the sincerity of a grateful heart. When I do the simplest thing, whether playing a game, helping her make brownies, or sitting together in a chair to watch cartoons, she throws her arms around me and plants a big kiss on my cheek and says, “Thank you.” She has taught me that the greatest part of Hide and Seek is being found. She has taught me that cooking, setting the table, and laundry, are joyful privileges, not chores, as she delights in helping. This amazing little girl with the extra chromosome has opened my heart to extra love, extra joy, and extra fulfillment as I have embraced becoming her extra mom. I asked God for a husband and family, and I know my prayers were answered because love came "Down."

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Mara, United States, GA
05/30/2012 22:01:08
Great job Margie. Good writing and an amazing subject. :)

Julie Parsons, United States, GA
05/30/2012 19:38:04
Sarah is a gift to many.....thank you, Margie for sharing your heart. This is a beautiful love story! We are so blessed to know Sarah....and her "extra mom."

Deanna L. Parks, United States, GA
05/27/2012 15:16:06
What a moving story. I could FEEL the love just reading it. God BLESS you all ;)

Kim Gibson, United States, GA
05/25/2012 17:43:26
I have know Sarah for about three years and she is quite the blessing just as her "extra mom" Margie speaks of. I feel blessed to be a part of Sarah's life!!! Margie you're doing a great job in the "mom" role, continue to guide her.

Robin LaGrow, United States, GA
05/22/2012 11:20:39
Beautiful story by a remarkable woman!

Susan Randolph, United States, GA
05/22/2012 11:20:09
Beautiful story! Beautiful family!

Jamie, Cassie, and Ashlyn, United States, GA
05/22/2012 09:44:31
We have the privilege of being this family's neighbors. Sarah is amazing, and Margie and Mark are as well. Beautiful, Margie, and no truer words have ever been written.

Melissa Howell, United States, GA
05/22/2012 01:05:52
This is Sarah Howell's mother. My daughter was a joy and my special ANGEL at her birth and will always be the light of my life. She was a beautuful baby and I was a very proud and a blessed mother for God to give her to me. She has always been a happy child and her laughter is contaigous. I spent alot of time teaching her to crawl,sit,stand,walk,talk,and even chew her food but at the same time she was teaching me pure love and joy. I do appreciate this story about how my daughter has made a positive impact on someone else's life. The focus of this story should be the testiment of the pure,sweet spirit of my daughter because she is the Special one with the Special story.

Crystal Hyde, United States, FL
05/22/2012 00:09:12

Linda Brown, United States, GA
05/21/2012 21:51:22
I was at Margie's wedding and was one of the witnesses to that beautiful moment when Sarah ran up and hugged her as she walked up the aisle. It was an expression of pure love, acceptance and joy. Sarah is the embodiment of sunshine, and I love it when Margie shares a little bit of that sunshine with the rest of the world as she writes about Sarah and what how special it is to be her extra mom.

Stephanie Neal, United States, GA
05/21/2012 20:06:19
Sometimes we think "Oh, how sad, a baby or kid with Downs." But far too often I have found that those people with Downs seems to savor life and live it to its fullest. They are often an example to those of us "normal" people.

Chrissy Griffin, United States, GA
05/21/2012 18:03:37
Such a sweet story of God's blessings

Cindy McCarthy, United States, AL
05/21/2012 17:52:18
So beautiful! Isn't it just amazing how God works in the lives of those committed to Him.

Mark G. Howell, United States, GA
05/21/2012 17:24:50
Margie, I still can not believe that you had never been married at the age of forty eight You are so beautiful. Your heart is full of love and compassion for others. You are selfless and have given yourself to ministry since an early age. At one point, you gave up all your material possessions to help those in need, including your car.You ministered to the homeless in Atlanta and poured out your heart to show them the true love of Christ. You are an amazing woman, wife, and "extra mom" to my (our ) daughter, Sarah Howell. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Our home is full of peace, laughter and happiness and you have set that type of tone for us to enjoy. Sarah truly has formed a special bond with you. Because Sarah is so special and makes my heart so full of joy, I know that God sent you to complete our family. I am glad you waited for me, as I have never been so happy in marriage as I am now with you. I love you and am so proud of you.

Julie Fogg, United States, CT
05/21/2012 16:39:04
beautiful story :)

Margie Howell, United States, GA
05/21/2012 14:08:20
Thank you for the opportunity to share my Great Story about our precious Sarah. Here is a link to the video of the moment that inspired it.

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