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Lil' Ray of Sunshine
Miles So Full of Smiles!
Miles So Full of Smiles!
Lil' Ray of Sunshine

Though Miles had Down syndrome, I knew I had a bright child when I held him in the NICU and watched how alert his eyes were, how he reacted to sounds in the room. Four years later, Miles is in preschool and though slightly behind in development, he's still alert as well as curious and mischievous! He loves doing things for himself and is always happy to help rinse the dishes. He knows his colors and can count to ten. He knows the rules but tries to bend them sometimes. He's just like any kid!

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Anna Bennington, United States, MT
4/30/2013 1:19:31 PM
I have a down syndrome baby girl, 3 weeks old, and I am totally in the dark. I am wondering if there is anyone in Glendive, MT who I can talk with that has a child with down syndrome. Thank You..This is my friends phone number is 406-989-1466

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