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Lauren's Sleepover
Lauren's Sleepover

Our five-year old granddaughter, Lauren Marie Borenstein, who has Down syndrome, wanted to sleep over for the night at Grammy and Pop-pop's house. We were not so sure that in the middle of the night she wouldn't be crying that she wanted to go home. So, with some trepidation, we decided to try it. The day of the sleepover we had such a wonderful time together. We danced, played dress-up and just had a joyful time together. This was the very first time Lauren had spent the entire time with just her Grammy and Pop-pop. Every so often we exchanged hugs and kisses. At one point, while sitting in her Pop-pop's lap, she cuddled up and took a short nap. Before dinner, we all watched a Raffi children's concert. We watched as Lauren danced along with the children in the audience. She loves music and movement with her whole heart, and it filled us with joy just to watch her. At one point after the concert, she looked sad. When I asked her if she missed her mommy, she said yes. I, her Grammy, thought "Oh, oh, just as I thought; we may not make it through the sleepover." How wrong I was! After a short, reassuring conversation with her mom, she was all revved up to hang out with us for her overnight. After dinner, a playful bath with her favorite Barbie, and a story, it was bedtime. Lauren's ability to just enjoy the moment, her pride in herself and her sense of fun and joy were awesome for us to see. Now, let's see if going to bed will work. Immediately after tucking her in, she jumped out of bed. Again, "oh, oh" went through my mind. Was I surprised and warmed to my toes with what she did next. She had spotted her older brother Daniel's pillow, that he uses for his sleepovers. She brought it to bed with her, cuddled up to it, and fell fast asleep. First thing in the morning (5 am!) I heard a little something. On my way to Lauren's room, I found her at my dressing table: she was smiling at herself in the mirror and putting on jewelry. When we saw eachother, we both grinned ear to ear. "Hi, Grammy" she said. Little did we know how joyful and determined she is. We are her proud Grandparents.

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