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Kyle and Hunter
Kyle and Hunter
Kyle and Hunter
Kyle and Hunter

Kyle and Hunter Krei are twins; born in 1995 both with Down syndrome and both have Autism Spectrum Disorder; only children to Kelly & Michele. Life as we know it changed the day our sons were born; beyond our grief and confusion, these two little boys quickly grabbed our hearts and have grown to show us that we should live everyday with purpose and passion. We have been blessed that our sons have been accepted in the neighborhood and community and that they have attended public schools and are now sophomores in high school. Along the way, they have learned from therapists, teachers, fellow students, family and friends; but we have learned far more from them than they will ever learn from us. Our biggest inspiration in life comes from them in that they never complain, about anything, and that they love us unconditionally. Of the many lessons we have learned, none is more important than patience; without it our lives would be consumed with chaos, but within the lesson we have learned more about ourselves and how we can give more so that others can live better. Being our only children, my wife and I approach each day with this sense of purpose; that we build a better life for not only our sons, but the developmentally disabled community; that inevitably one day when we are no longer on this earth together, that they continue to thrive and are not subject to living less of a life than they do while we are here. Our passion and commitment go beyond advocating, we truly feel honored that we serve as diplomats for a community of people and families that live most of there lives being marginalized. Kyle and Hunter served as the inspiration for their father's book The Trials and Triumphs of Down Syndrome'; the book tells the story of the lives of the Krei family from birth to the age of 14 and how their birth affected the marriage, relationship and lives of Kelly & Michele and plants an idea of how they can impact the lives of the developmentally disabled with the proceeds of book sales. It may seem a rather odd idea, but Kelly believes that funds of unimaginable amounts can be raised by sharing what we have learned. In a day and time when so much is made of those who have so much and make so little of themselves; Kyle and Hunter serve as inspiration with their infectious love and zest for life. Kelly and Michele have served the Mile High Down Syndrome Association on the Board of Directors and various committees; Kelly is also a Past President of the Board for MHDSA.

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Mrs. J. Smith, United States, CA
7/26/2015 1:55:49 PM
My daughter was born at the same time as Hunter & Kyle. Kelly & Michele and the Krei twins have been such an inspiration to so many about how to adapt when your life suddenly changes course!

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