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Jemuel, the Fighter!
Jemuel, the Fighter!

My Great Miracle Story: I was 45 years old when I found out I was pregnant with my miracle boy. I named him Jemuel, meaning God's Day. I researched his name beginning with the letter “J” because I don’t want him to be different from the rest of his brothers whose names begin with ”J.” We knew all along that he is a special baby because of our technology these days. When he was born, he didn’t come home right away but instead he stayed in NICU for three months. He had six major surgeries including open heart surgery, which I considered broke my world the day he had it done. God is so good. It went well. He took it and fought as if it was just a simple surgery. It was Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. went by and all my children and my husband spent those special occasions in the hospital. Nothing did stop us from being with our boy - even the strongest snow storm in the year 2011. I didn’t knock down our Christmas tree until my boy would be home. So when finally the day came, our Christmas tree was there even it was in the month of March already. He was and is a fighter. He is a bright kid in his own way. He amazes me everyday. He loves cell phones, iPads and all the gadgets that typical two-year-olds do. He is learning to communicate with his sign language and most important thing he is a lovely boy who doesn’t stop learning every day. He loves books. This is my son who had trisomy 21. He is an inspiration to everybody and gives me strength every day. He may have a disability but nothing can stop him from being just like others. This is my great story about my son, Jemuel. With God everything is possible!

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Pete Pangilinan, United States, FL
7/18/2013 8:50:21 PM
Indeed a great story. GOD makes great miracle!

Connie Lirio, United States, NJ
7/18/2013 6:27:17 PM
He is indeed a fighter and this is a Miracle story that is a must share to the world for the glory of God . And I salute you and Jong for being strong too. God bless you more.

Lino Rodriguez, United States, NJ
7/18/2013 1:40:43 PM
A remarkable account of a very challenging experience and an even more amazing outcome! Your family's togetherness, strength, courage and faith is truly unshakable.

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