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Izabella's Voice
My Beautiful Inspiration
My Beautiful Inspiration
Izabella's Voice

When Izabella was born we had no idea she had Down syndrome until she was two days old. My heart was broken, the dream of having a perfect child had died. Little did I know! After having Izabella my life and my family have changed so much, she has shown us all a love we never knew existed. She inspires us all with her courage and strength to do the everyday things you and I take for granted. 
Do not feel sorry for Izabella, she is amazing! She does not want your pity; she just wants to be treated like everyone else. Because of Izabella and all the children like her that I have gotten to know, I have decided what I am going to do with my life. After Izabella was born I started raising money for several different foundations that aid in helping families with family members with special needs. My ultimate goal is to someday start our own foundation here in our little town of Hastings Nebraska. It will be called Izabella’s Voice! Izabella and all our children deserve to have a voice! We as their families are their advocates! Because God blessed me with Izabella and opened my eyes to a new outlook on life, we will hopefully someday be able to do great things with Izabella’s Voice! Be an advocate! Your child is counting on it!

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