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It's a Wonderful Life!
It's a Wonderful Life!

In "It's a Wonderful Life", George wishes he had never been born, but he sees how each life touches many around us; and in the end, George realizes that he really does have a wonderful life. What great life lessons for all! Each of us ordinary persons can and does make a difference in the lives of others. "It's a Wonderful Life" is very clear in my family life. We have love, faith, each other, family, friends, our needs met; it's a wonderful life. Soon after our son, Nicholas, was born, we were expecting another boy. His name is Anthony. The doctor who told us Anthony has Down syndrome (DS) said that we have a week to make our "decision" (before viability). Our convictions, beliefs and faith were tested because the medical community knows that over 90% of those who receive a prenatal diagnosis of DS make a "choice". We told him, "Our son's name is Anthony. He has Down syndrome, and we know what that means. Our "decision" is that we are keeping Anthony." Anthony immediately taught us more about medical terminology, chromosomes, developmental delays and all kinds of medical professionals, then tons of other stuff parents in the DS "Club" have to learn that parents of "typicals" don't need to learn. ("Typical" is the Politically Correct word for "normal" because no one is really "normal"; each of us has our own unique "stuff.") Our first night we knew, we got some materials. Nick also found the K.I.I.D.S (Knowledge and Information about Individuals with Down Syndrome) website, and 2 KIIDS outreach parents with their beautiful children with DS came to our home. That was so awesome and helpful! Anthony brings lots of great friends into our lives. We enjoy time with other families with DS, to share successes, concerns and challenges. Nick often says that "We're all in the same boat," meaning, we don't have to explain anything about Anthony to parents with a child with DS, because they understand in ways that parents of "typicals" would not understand. Parents of typicals really just don't "get" what we and our loved ones with DS have to go through everyday. Anthony is adorable, funny, handsome, sweet and so affectionate. He loves to sing, run, and play with others. He says lots of recognizable words, and can do lots of things for himself. We get to enjoy some things longer with Anthony. Anthony is very snuggly, and at 4 years old, still wants to fall asleep by snuggling, and he is small enough that we can carry him to his bed. His hugs melt the hearts of all who know him. Anthony has made the lives of people around him better. Anthony teaches us to love more deeply, think differently, try harder and more often, be joyful, laugh at ourselves, be more patient, see more clearly the beauty in each person, be more accepting, be more understanding of people and life's circumstances, and have a wonderful life. We know that "It's a Wonderful Life!"

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