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Imagine living life with every sound muffled so you never clearly hear the words “I love you.” Imagine living life with such a pure heart that you’re vulnerable to everything and everyone. Imagine living life at everyone else’s mercy so that you never get to make your own decisions. Imagine living life with an IQ so low that strangers have meetings to determine how to teach you. Imagine a body so sensitive that you are susceptible to even the rarest illnesses. Imagine being Brandon. 

Imagine that your smile lights up your mother’s heart so that she can never be sad around you. Imagine that your laughter is so intoxicating that is fills a room. Imagine that despite your challenges you are the coolest kid in the building. Imagine that your dance moves were so smooth that you summon the spirit of MJ and put Bieber to shame. Imagine that you sing like a star and people stand at attention as you bellow out notes. Imagine that you throw a ball with such accuracy that Shaq could use pointers. Imagine being Brandon. 

Imagine that God had to choose someone worthy enough to nurture your spirit so that your smile would never fade. Imagine that God had to choose someone who’d never make you feel different so that you would shine among the best. Imagine that God had to choose someone who’d love you and appreciate you, flaws and all, and see beyond your inabilities. Imagine if every time you told someone your child had Down syndrome they’d apologize like they’d done something wrong. Imagine if you had to defend your child’s outbursts or lack of standard communication because he speaks a language that only you understand. Imagine if you had to ward off peculiar stares from children and adults because your child looks different & their ignorance doesn’t afford them the willingness to just say “hello.” Imagine being Brandon's mother. 

Imagine if you had to cringe and turn your head or walk away every time someone you considered a friend used the word “retarded” because it hits so close to home. Imagine if you had to smile in the faces of people who make shrewd comments about people with Down syndrome as if they’re daring you to be offended. Imagine if you had to look into your child’s eyes every day and know that one extra chromosome separates him from the rest & that same chromosome holds him back from reaching the full potential that you know he undoubtedly possesses, but imagine knowing that your child is innocent and will be shielded from the wickedness of the world. Imagine that your child will never take to heart the piercing stares and cutting words of nay-sayers because he only sees the good in everyone. Imagine if you were lucky enough to know that God trusts you to watch over and protect one of his most fragile and special creations. Imagine being me, Brandiss… Brandon’s super proud mother.

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venita, United States, NY
11/20/2012 2:55:53 PM
To my Favorite B's... I am so proud to call you family and to share this journey with you! Brandon You will always be a winner in my book!!

Chrissie Rizzo, United States, NY
11/20/2012 11:05:25 AM
Brandon brings goodness into the world. Thank you for sharing his Light with others, Brandiss!

Lyndsay Marie Poff, United States, IL
11/20/2012 9:46:10 AM
that made me cry. Great story, Brandiss!!!

melissa person, United States, NY
11/20/2012 7:23:59 AM
love it! your an overall wonderful person brandiss and it shows thru your kids and your self!

nathaniel adams, United States, VA
11/19/2012 7:28:01 PM
Voting for Brandon

Danine Perry, United States, NY
11/19/2012 7:17:20 PM
I had the experience to work with this wonderful little boy during student teaching! This story by his mother touches my heart in so many ways! Brandon is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met and could put a smile on anyone's face even when they were having a bad day!!! Please vote for him!!!

Erica Jones, United States, NY
11/19/2012 6:13:47 PM
Aww....Brandiss you did a wonderful job on this!! You should print this & save it for him!! When Im able to put my thoughts together I'll write 1 about my Prince Christian!! :)

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