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I Nicknamed her Wiggy
Wiggy & KayleeRy
Wiggy & KayleeRy
I Nicknamed her Wiggy

I have never been so proud of my niece, Katie, as I was when I could see the love in her heart written on her face, despite the fact that her newborn daughter had just been diagnosed with Down syndrome. She was so happy. She loved Katharine so much. I nicknamed her "Wiggy" when I first met her in the hospital because she never stopped moving.

Eight years have passed since our family was blessed with Wiggy. She loves scary movies, family, pudding, dancing, basketball, golf, Nana (my sister), and is quite a comedian with her silly heart. I know great strides have been made in what children with special needs are offered, yet there is so much more to attain. Pleases help us support all children with Down syndrome so that there may be possible alternatives to the challenges they encounter. We love you Wiggy!

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katie cadwalader, United States, MD
9/14/2012 11:40:09 AM
As the mother in this Great Story, I just want to say that the love that comes from my aunt nancy and her family is so amazing for both my daughter and myself and we could not be luckier than to be a part of it!

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