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I Love My "Angel"
2009 Special Olympic's Male Athlete of  the Year
2009 Special Olympic's Male Athlete of the Year
I Love My "Angel"

My story is like so many other mothers of children with Down syndrome. My son Angel was born on Dec 15, 1999. His name was chosen by my husband since the day we planned on having a child. He’s named after his great grandfather Angel Enriquez (we were meant to have an Angel). I was 27 and my husband 28 at the time. We didn’t know he would be born with Down syndrome. The doctors informed us at his birth he had characteristics of Down syndrome and wanted to test him; sure enough the test confirmed the diagnosis. It didn’t matter, he was our son and we loved him even more. Before he was born, Dad was so proud he was going to have a son, that he booked a limousine for when it came time to pick him up from the hospital. As mentioned we didn’t know he was going to be born with Down syndrome. He had to stay in the hospital an extra month because he was a little early. But his having Down syndrome didn’t change a thing. My son was picked up from the hospital in a limousine! We drew quite the attention, and people wondered if there was a celebrity in the hospital. The smiles on people’s faces when they saw this tiny little itty bitty boy with Down syndrome in his carrier getting placed in the Limo by his father were priceless. We were given literature at the hospital about kids with Down syndrome to get an idea of what to expect. It was all so sad and disappointing: he wouldn’t walk until he was six, he might not talk, he might have Cancer, he might have this and that. In reality it’s all been the opposite, they needed to mention all the wonderful and good as well. Angel is 13 now and in the 7th grade. He is a happy “regular,” popular kid. He has the best sense of humor, jokes around all the time, Loves video games, plays baseball, basketball (he’s the only kid with special needs on a regular team), swims for Special Olympics, and he also sometimes misbehaves, just like any other kid. He loves to dance and especially enjoys Hip Hop. He loves his dog Randy and adores his 23-year-old sister Natalie. We had our ups and downs, but just like any other parent of any other kid; we deal with it. We have most certainly had more ups then downs. Children with Down syndrome are pure 100% good. I thank God each day for my son. If given the chance to go back in time and asked to choose my next child, there is one who will be the president of the US, and the other is my “Angel.” You best believe I would pick my Angel again. We were meant to be his parents and he our son.

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