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Hannah's Smile
Hannah's Smile

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! 3/21 Yes, I do mean happy. Actually I mean HAPPY!!!!! Having a child with Down syndrome has been wonderful. Hannah is one of the best treasures God can give you. In honor of this day I made a list of 21 treasures we have been blessed with since Hannah's birth. *Please note these are in no particular order. 1. Hannah Jordyn, her name means grace flows down! 2. Beautiful almond shaped eyes. 3. Inspiring desire to achieve. 4. Facial expressions that will melt your heart, make you laugh and just make you feel good! 5. Sweet baby hugs that make you know she feels loved. 6. The joy of sign language. 7. Fabulous new friendships. 8. Unimagined support from experts. 9. Speechless conversations with whole body movements that only mommy can fully understand. 10. A sense of humor that has daddy and mommy rolling. She really tries to be funny and succeeds! 11. Inexpressible love. 12. The eyes closed funny dance, a must see! 13. Muscle tone that allows for a snuggle that feels more like two bodies becoming one. 14. The cutest little outy belly button. 15. Tender expressions of care when someone is sad. 16. A cackle like none other. 17. Joy of life and all it brings. 18. Best pesky little sister ever. 19. Sarah says Hannah is cute and fun to play with. 20. Julia says Hannah is funny and hilarious. 21. A girl that more like her sisters than different. Spread the word that Down syndrome is amazing!

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Marissa Mongiello, United States, CA
3/3/12011 1:26:07 PM

Rita Dichtel, United States, CA
5/4/2011 1:40:40 AM
I love your story . . . . thank you for the wonderful list of the great things about Hannah. sincerely, Rita

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