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Grass Isn't Always Greener
Grass Isn't Always Greener

For weeks I had been nervous about an upcoming event. In my mind, I had come up with many excuses I could use to avoid going to this event. I just didn't want to go. What was this dreadful event that I was avoiding? It was a two year old birthday party. Yes! That's right. And it had nothing to do with the unavoidable presence of Chuck E. Cheese. No. It was just the idea of being at a party for my friend's two year old son. Well you see, this little guy is only a few months younger than my son. The big difference is my son has Down syndrome. I didn't want to face the prospect of comparing my son with this typical child. Would the birthday boy be running, climbing, jumping, self feeding, talking... all things my son cannot do. To my surprise, my friend's son wasn't running, climbing, jumping, or talking! No. In fact he didn't say a word. I didn't feel comfortable asking too many questions about their little guy. The dad did share that their son did everything on his own timetable and they weren't too concerned. I was touched at how easy going they, as a family, accepted their sons fate. It made me realize in that moment that my son too does things on his own timetable. My son will too will be running, climbing, jumping, self feeding and yes talking. All this will come.

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