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Giving Birth to a King
Giving Birth to a King

This story is about the king I gave birth to on January 22, 2012 .On this day God allowed me to bring to the world the best gift ever a king of my own whom I named Kingston. He weight six pounds and one ounce and he was nineteen inches long, he was complete but his eyes held a secret that was kept from labs, doctors, sonograms and myself. A secret that would change my life forever. He was born with Down syndrome, to be exact translocation Down syndrome and it was the surprise of a lifetime but when I held him in my arms I knew that God had gave me a king with Down syndrome that needed my unconditional love and attention. I had to immediately become aware of my sons diagnosis and all the valuable tools he would need to succeed in life. I made a promise to never limit him because of his disability and I am determined to pull him through no matter how challenging it may be. I refuse to become bitter over this situation because there are worse cases all over the world and I am grateful for my son. I love his slanted eyes just like I love my daughters, I love him since the day I conceived him and I love him more now because he is mine and because God wouldn't want it any other way. I look forward to raising Kingston with love, respect, values and lots of courage because he deserves the best just like any other child in the world.

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